Wishmee V1.0

Please Note: For convenience and clarity, most videos on our website were shot directly from the iphone simulator -- so, for iphone and ipod touch, mouse pointer icon represents your finger. 

Wishmee is an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch application that lets people create, record and play fun animations and audio clips on masked out images. We call these animated image cut-outs, wishmees. Creating wishmee is fun and fast -- it usually takes less than a minute. Starting point for a wishmee is a photograph; in 3 simple steps, you can make selected parts of your photograph move and dance to your selected tune and backdrop.

Here is an example:  

The basic ideas behind wishmee are fun and customization. Imagine your friends, enemies, family members, pets, toys, etc. dancing to funny animations and tunes that come with Wishmee or to the ones that you quickly create and record. Whether you want to have endless fun for $0.99, impress your dear ones, or make your boss dance to your tunes, Wishmee is your app of choice!

  • Import an image from the camera or library and finger paint on top to quickly create a mask.
  • Make masked image move and dance with provided animations or create custom animations with easy-to-use tools.
  • Play an audio clip from the provided clips or record and play custom audio clip to accompany the animated image.
  • Add a backdrop from the provided images or import one from your photo library.
Wishmee comes in two flavors: Full ($0.99) version and Lite (free) version. We invite you to try out the Lite version. We are confident that you will enjoy it so much that you will go for the full version.


Thanks for your interest in Wishmee. We have set the target date for Wishmee as summer of 2009. Please send your comments and suggestions to <wishmee.entertainment@gmail.com> – your feedback is much appreciated.

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